Craving Mexican food is a common problem in the US. It starts with remembering that last bowl of homemade corn chips you had, that batch that had the exact right amount of salt – just sprinkled so lightly. Then it graduates to carne asada tacos, big fat burritos maybe with some sauce dripping down the side of the plate. Yeah, Mexican food.

Craving Mexican Food

Taco Tuesdays are just the worst in craving Mexican food. You get up in the morning and see it’s Tuesday. Then that is all you can think about all day long. Chicken tacos, shredded beef tacos, grilled steak tacos and maybe a fish taco, all dancing around in your mind. The tacos are keeping the beat of La Cucaracha, the only Mexican song you know – forgetting about the huge hit La Bamba. But, to be fair, you don’t really know the lyrics to La Bamba. Anyway, Tuesdays require tacos, it’s God’s natural law.

So, you’re craving Mexican food right now. Are you just looking for the food covered in cheese and maybe dolloped with sour cream? Or are you craving protein from combining the beans and rice in every bite along with a beef steak pounded into tenderness? Or does it have nothing to do with the food, but the tequila shots you did last night? So, its menudo you crave!

No matter what specific food you need to satisfy this unstoppable craving, El Caminito Mexican Restaurant will satisfy that craving. Whether you’re Mexican hanging out in Sunnyvale on a business trip or you’re a gringo that just can’t get enough of that spicy, flavorful food, El Caminito has what you need. Lots and lots of spicy, tasty, unforgettable Mexican food.

If you want to pore over the menu right now and pick out your favorites, you can. Click on over to the menu page. We can Uber Deliver or serve you in our restaurant. See you soon.