Wedding catering is something that El Caminito does for its customers. This is a reception meal option that flies under the radar, as many don’t ever think of Mexican food for their wedding. But, they should! Everyone loves tacos, burritos and enchiladas!

Wedding Catering

For wedding catering there are two options for your reception. You can choose to have both hot and cold food delivered and set up along with paper and plastic service. The other option is that your food will be cooked and packed into containers for pick up. Which type of catering is best for you usually depends on the size of your reception. And it depends upon the equipment you have available to keep hot entrees at a safe temperature.

El Caminito doesn’t offer bartending or liquor service, however we’re happy to give you referrals to bartenders and wait staff we know.

Saving Money but Having a Great Time

Having your wedding catered with Mexican food is a great way to save a lot of money. Most people love chips and salsa, tacos and burritos and other Mexican mainstays, so you know it will enhance the party even while saving cash. Let your hard earned money go toward the honeymoon or a down payment on a home! You can still have a spectacular reception without extravagant meals. It is all about the people and the celebration of your marriage, after all.

El Caminito Catering

Wedding catering at El Caminito is a custom affair. Give us a call to discuss the date and the menu you’d like to have. A large portion of our menu is available for delivery or pick up of hot or cold menu items. And of course, don’t forget lots of chips and salsa! We hope to be able to help you celebrate this beautiful day in your lives.