Mexican breakfasts are not about hash brown potatoes, bacon and eggs. Well, they are about eggs, but they are prepared differently than the average American breakfast diner. Mexicans like spice with their eggs along with other accompaniments.

Mexican Breakfast

The Mexican breakfast combines tortillas in a variety of ways and will often use a little of a previous night’s leftovers. Of course, your breakfast doesn’t need to involve eggs at all. It can be as simple as a cocktail cup of ceviche that gets you ready to hit the gnarly waves and surf all day. Or it could be a huge, steaming bowl of menudo on a very hungover Sunday morning. There are a lot of ways to do breakfast. Here are a few of the most traditional.

Machaca is a type of shredded beef. It is often used for breakfast when sautéed with chopped onions, garlic, fresh tomato slices and chilies. Then scrambled eggs are poured over it all and steamed to perfection. It is a heavy breakfast that gives you a full start to a long, hard working day.

Huevos Rancheros is the Eggs Benedict of the Mexican world of cuisine, but it is a lot easier to make. Fry a couple of corn tortillas in butter then top them with a couple of eggs fried sunny side up. Smother them with your favorite ranchero salsa. Be sure to serve it with a couple more steamed tortillas.

The breakfast burrito isn’t really a thing, but it is here in The States. Stuff your warmed flour tortilla with chopped chorizo, scrambled eggs, salsa and cheese. Top it off with a sauce on top, if you so dare.

Many of the Mexican breakfasts are very heavy, but some people eat just a fresh fruit plate of mango, papaya and pineapple if they enjoy a lighter start of the day.