To a certain point, the best Mexican food is always going to be your own personal preference, especially when it comes to eating in restaurants. And really, unless you grew up in Mexico, your own cooking of these spicy dishes won’t be as good as a restaurant run by an old Mexican chef.

The Best Mexican Food

There are a lot of places that claim to be the best Mexican food in and around the Bay Area. But, are they? Here is how you can tell who the best is and who might not be.

Well, it is easy to tell which are not the best quality of food and these are the chain restaurants. While they might score high marks in the loaded with cheese category, they are very far from authentic. So, if you’re looking for authentic recipes and superb cooking, Taco Bell isn’t going to be the place.

Look for a mom and pop restaurant when you want the best in authentic Mexican food. They’ll have their own family recipes and they’ll have decades of experience cooking them. It is here you’ll eat in a friendly atmosphere and have the best food.

Many times, you’ll find the best restaurants will specialize in certain foods. There are tacquerias specializing in tacos and burritos for a quick snack on the run. This is all they make and they usually make them well. There are also Mexican bakeries, tortillarias and restaurants that specialize in foods from specific regions of Mexico.

El Caminito

El Caminito specializes in authentic Mexican food and is considered the best Mexican food by the Silicon Valley companies that frequently call them for catering. The loyal regulars love the food so much that some have even had El Caminito cater their weddings. Stop by today to see what good Mexican cooking tastes like.