Tamales are a wonderful treat for any special occasion. It is something the entire family looks forward to eating on any holiday. But making them is fun, too.


There are as many kinds of tamales as there are left over meat. You can cook your meat fresh for this culinary occasion or you can use left-over shredded chilis, pork, chicken or beef. Left overs are best because making tamales is a lot of work, so the more that is cooked ahead of time, the better.

Tamales are usually made with corn husks, which can be purchased dried in any larger grocery store, or in a Mexican grocery store. But something that makes your tamales truly unique is using banana leaves instead of corn husks. Banana leaves have a pretty striped appearance after they are cooked and you can use strips of banana leaves for the ties. You can purchase banana leaves in a Mexican grocery store.

When you plan to make tamales, make it a group effort with either your family members or friends. Cooking with many hands to help makes the tamales get into the pot faster, but it is like have a party with a single group activity. Break out the margaritas and have fun stuffing and wrapping homemade tamales.

When you stuff your tamales, you’ll need to follow the directions on the Masa Harina de maiz package. You’ll follow the instructions for tamales. That is what goes into your banana leaf first, then top it with your meat or vegetable portion. Be care not to add too much, as tamales are meant to be somewhat small. They are not burritos.

Buy Them Already Made

Making Tamales are a lot of work. If you want to just eat some tamales, El Caminto has them on the menu. Stop by and we’ll be happy to serve up some for you quick.