The phrase corporate catering invokes mostly unappetizing images. They seem to run the gamut from the boring sandwich-and-cookie-in-a-box lunch meetings to dry, tasteless chicken breast dinner buffets. Next time you have a crowd to feed, don’t rule out bringing things to life with a little spice. Consider popular Mexican food options and get a hungry group excited.

Corporate Catering Can Be Fun

Your corporate catering decision reflects on your company or brand. Convincing someone of an inspired and innovative team culture rings a bit hollow over a tasteless turkey sandwich. Instead, show those at your meeting that you respect and invest in your corporate culture. Mexican food’s ever increasing popularity translates into a welcoming audience. Mexican food also easily covers all your catering concerns.

Mexican cuisine works extremely well with cost-friendly buffets. Forget the need for plated dinners and waiters, when you can allow guests to help themselves to entrees … and of course, those chips and salsa bowls! Dishes such as enchiladas and taco fillings travel and hold up well in warming trays, even if your events don’t run right on time.

Have guests with special dietary requirements? Mexican food actually offers more options than you might imagine. From guacamole tacos and make-your-own-burrito bars – a big favorite with vegetarian and vegan guests – to steaming plates of enchiladas, seafood dishes and burrito bowls, a Mexican menu allows flexibility when serving guests. And, don’t forget that a strategic placement of a variety of salsas and botanas, or appetizers, encourages casual socializing before the main meal.

Don’t let corporate catering box you into another boring, bland meal. Remember the advantages of Mexican cuisine for your next gathering. At El Caminito, we happily work with clients to design a fabulous menu of tasty favorites ready to please any crowd.