Tacos are likely the most craved Mexican food, especially if you’ve been to Mexico. You’ll want that authentic taste and texture. You can probably skip standing on a street corner in front of a steaming cart, but that adds to the experience, also. Tacos are easy to make at home and you’ll get that great flavor.


Tacos are meat and tortillas with a little garnish and that is about it. If it so simple, why do most people royally screw that up when they try to make them at home? They don’t know the tricks to it.

Here is What You Need:

  • A tender steak
  • Corn tortillas
  • A lime
  • Salsa
  • Onions
  • Fresh cilantro leaves
  • Salt to taste

Of course, the best corn tortillas to use are the ones you make yourself, but that will be a different blog post. Just buy the best you can get in the store.

For equipment you need a chef knife and a comal. A comal is a cast iron pan that looks like a flat frying pan. It is used to “bake” tortillas the Mexican way, on top of the stove. You can buy one on Amazon.com if your local stores don’t carry them. You’ll use them for so many things, so it is good to have one around.

How to Make Tacos

First, slice the steak into strips. Chop a couple of slices of fresh onion and the cilantro. Cut the lime into quarters.

Heat the comal to medium to medium high heat. Pour just a teaspoon or so of cooking oil or lard on the comal and spread it around. Put a corn tortilla on the comal to heat it up. That will take just about 30 seconds per side.

When the tortillas are done, toss the steak strips on the comal with the onion and salt. Toss it around a bit on the hot comal. It will cook quickly.

Take all ingredients to the table. Put two tortillas together and start adding the meat, cilantro and salsa. Then squeeze that secret ingredient all over the taco filling – the lime. Enjoy!