You can eat tacos any day of the week and any time of the day. Tacos are good! Maybe you haven’t had a taco for breakfast before, so now you get to try something new.


Tacos are just stuff wrapped up in a tortilla, when you get right down to it. You can put anything in there that sounds great to you at that moment. If you don’t know where to start, here are some ideas to brighten your breakfast table. First, heat up your corn or flour tortilla on a gas stove burner or a hot comal and start stuffing.

All American Taco

The standard American breakfast consists of bacon, eggs and some sort of fried potatoes. Fry up an egg over medium, cover it up with a couple of strips of bacon and top it with a couple of tablespoons of hash browns then stuff it all into your tortilla.

The Jimmy Dean

Jimmy Dean is known for his amazingly tasty pork sausage and sausage gravy. Use a flour tortilla and stuff it full of bits of fried sausage and pour some of that sausage gravy over it all. Yum, these are some southern tacos at their finest, right?

Machaca Taco

Machaca is sort of an elaborate scrambled egg dish. Start frying a little onions and garlic, toss in some left over shredded roast beef then chop a tomato and toss that in, too. When it is good and hot, pour 2 beaten eggs over it all and stir. When the eggs are firm and mixed in, scoop it into corn or flour tortillas.

Mexican Tacos

You can always indulge in your favorite tacos at El Caminito. We’re keeping them hot for you. We hope you have fun creating your own breakfast tacos at home.