Having a great time is a Mexican tradition and so are certain Mexican dishes to eat before heading home after a long night of drinking and having fun. Far better than taking the hair of the dog that bit you, joining friends in a late night Mexican eatery to end the night can also save the morning.

Mexican Dishes That Prevent Hangovers

You’ve probably had Mexican friends try to get you to stop by their favorite authentic Mexican restaurant after partying all night. Your friend knew what they were doing. Eating authentic Mexican dishes can take away that dreadful hangover before it even starts.

Some will argue that it isn’t a particular Mexican recipe, it is just eating before going home that really does the trick. But others have a very long tradition to eat menudo before heading home. The menudo goes on the menu Saturday night and stays all Sunday morning. Because, well, parties happen and sometime you party hardy.

Menudo might not be for everyone. It is a delightful blend of lots of garlic with scrubbed, tender tripe floating on top. For those who might take issue with that, there are more vegetarian options.

Cheese or chicken enchiladas blend the perfect amount of proteins, carbs, herbs and spices to help kick that hangover both before going to bed or upon rising in the morning. Others swear by a couple of cups of ceviche, a blend of cilantro, garlic and chopped seafood cooked by a liberal amount of lime juice.

El Caminito Mexican Restaurant

El Caminito isn’t one of those restaurants that is open at 2:00 AM for your menudo stop after the bars close, but if you have an early night of it and need an authentic Mexican dish to sober up for a good night’s sleep, we are here for you.