When your wedding is less casual and more fun, but operating on a tight budget, outside catering is the best way to go. This allows you the freedom of choices, both in price and in cuisine. Here is a fun idea that guests always love.

Outside Catering Ideas

When using a restaurant like El Caminito Mexican Restaurant, you get the best of price and the best of food. Who doesn’t love Mexican food?! Outside catering ideas should include a Mexican menu, because it is so popular with guests and you will save thousands of dollars on the menu.

The menu you put together should include juicy, tender meat entrées such as fajitas with steak and chicken. By offering both meat and chicken, you’ll give choices to those who avoid meat in their diet – even at parties. Adding an additional choice for vegans is always recommended, such as a sautéed vegetable entrée. It will also double as a side dish for other guests.

Being gluten-free is a very popular dietary choices for many people in the Silicon Valley area, and this is one you won’t have to do much to prepare for as most Mexican food is naturally gluten-free. Corn tortilla tacos are an excellent choice for this popular diet!

Appetizers are a must, as it can be a bit of a wait for the bride and groom to return from their photoshoot after the wedding ceremony. So, have plenty of chips and salsas, nachos, mini quesadillas and other finger foods for the wait.

So Inexpensive Catering

A wedding of a couple hundred guests can easily run into many thousand of dollars. But using outside catering ideas like Mexican entrees, appetizers and desserts you can save a fortune. See the El Caminito Mexican Restaurant Catering Menu to find more ideas for your wedding reception or party.