When you’re having your reception in Silicon Valley, costs can add up fast! However, there are restaurants that cater weddings very inexpensively and still serve up everyone’s favorite foods.

Restaurants That Cater Weddings

When the taste and popularity of the entrées is more important than having a fancy spread at your wedding reception, then Mexican food is the way to go. There is one popular Mexican restaurant that locals use to cater their weddings. That restaurant is El Caminito Mexican Restaurant.

Using El Caminito for your reception catering is very inexpensive. The catering staff will set up a buffet style table for your guests with many of the most popular foods for just a fraction of the cost of a regular wedding caterer. And the strange thing is, wedding guests are delightfully surprised to see their favorite food choices on the wedding buffet!

Wedding receptions are a lot of fun. This is a celebration of love with cocktails and dancing on the dance floor. Celebrations of love are foremost in Mexican culture and it shows in the food.

Costs are minimal, partly because Mexican food is an inexpensive food choice. But mostly because at El Caminito they love to cater weddings and they do it very affordably. For instance, catering for 60 guests costs far less than $1000 for a couple of entrees, beverages and appetizers. It is the perfect choice for couples that are most about the celebration and less about appearances and sit down dining at receptions.

To look at the El Caminito Mexican Restaurant menu choices, see their Catering Menu for entrée choices and prices.

Cater Your Reception with Mexican Food

When you’re thinking of doing a Mexican Food catered wedding, give Julian a call at El Caminito Mexican Restaurant. You’ll be so pleased with this restaurant that caters weddings.