Mexican restaurants don’t always pop to mind in traditional holiday scenes … and that’s a shame! While we’re not suggesting you trade the turkey and trimmings for tacos (although that does sound like a tasty option), Mexican food can provide a convenient, crowd-pleasing option during hectic days. Let’s be honest, the holidays don’t require one big meal – they mean several. That equates to a lot of planning, refrigerator space and way too many dishes to wash. Focusing on one big home-cooked meal and exploring options for dining before and after reduces your burden.

Mexican Restaurants Please Crowds

Offering a Mexican restaurant meal solution gives you one of the greatest gifts for the holidays: people OUT of your kitchen. When a crowd descends from far and wide, it’s great to have a meal plan you can easily implement. Throw in the fact that Mexican food seems to be something everyone from a fussy toddler to your elderly aunt can agree on and you’ve got a winner. Whether you have a family of carnivores or vegetarians, seafood-lovers, snackers or sweet tooths, Mexican food provides plenty of options.

Even if you don’t care to pack everyone back into the car again, consider setting up a pre-holiday Mexican buffet at home. By ordering a steaming plate of enchiladas or sizzling fajitas, you’re guaranteeing a hot, satisfying meal while your oven bakes the next day’s pies. At the end of the meal, everyone is full, clean-up is a breeze and your kitchen schedule remains intact.

A Mexican restaurant plan for company removes at least part of your holiday burden. You can even order online at El Caminito for pick-up and delivery. So this year, before hectic holidays turn you into a kitchen-captive Scrooge, add some spicy planning so you can enjoy the festivities too.