A Mexican restaurant has the best party food, but you already know that! You can get those spicy, mouthwatering taquitos, carne asada tacos and freshly made chips at your party by planning your party at El Caminito.

Mexican Restaurant

It takes a lot of work to put on an awesome party, but not if you have it inside the Mexican restaurant. Sure, you could just call in your order and pick it up, but it really doesn’t cost any more to have the party there. And they do all the serving and cleaning up!

Catering is also a great option, but Mexican catering usually doesn’t come with the bartender. How can you have a spectacular party for all of your bestest buddies without the tequila pourer? Well, you can’t. El Caminito Mexican Restaurant can be the host of your party, serve the snacks and entrees hot to your table and the bartender can handle all of the drinks. You get to eat off of real plates instead of the paper plates and cups at home and guess what? The staff cleans up after you!

Parties that work well in a restaurant are celebrations for that great promotion you got at work, bridal showers, bachelor parties, game day parties, divorce parties and even wedding planning parties. Some couples have had their reception in the restaurant or had it catered by El Caminito.

El Caminito Restaurant

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to having your party or get together at a Mexican restaurant, is that the restaurant needs to be notified in advance. You’ll need to let them know the approximate number of people that are coming and the person’s name that will be paying the check and tip. You might discuss menu items, also, to make sure they have enough food for all of your hungry friends.