In case you haven’t already heard, Taco Bell isn’t an actual representation of food you’d find in Mexico. While there are tacos in Mexico, they aren’t very close to what the Bell is selling. Taco Bell creates entrées that appeal to Americans looking for a quick, cheap meal. To find authentic Mexican food, you’ll need to visit an authentic Mexican restaurant. But there aren’t many of those around. So, here are some foods that you’re not likely to find when traveling in Mexico.

Mexican Foods that Are Not Mexican

If Mexican food is your favorite in the US, you might be disappointed to not be able to find it in Mexico. Seriously!


Burritos are pretty much a US thing. You’ll find plenty of varieties of beans with meat, cheese, lettuce, rice, eggs, whatever when visiting a Mexican restaurant in the US. If you’re looking for a burrito in Mexico, they’ll wonder why you’re asking them for a little donkey.

Crunchy Taco Shells

No. You won’t find the hard-shell taco in Mexico. You might find taquitos or flautas, which are rolled tortillas with a meat filling and deep fried, but no hard shell / soft shell choices. Tacos have a couple of small, warm corn tortillas wrapping the meat and a little topping.

Cheddar Cheese

Spicy, drippy, deeply yellow cheddar cheese to dip your corn chips in or poured all over your nachos – doesn’t exist. Say goodbye to cheddar when you leave The States. In Mexico the cheeses are usually white. Some are crumbled on your food as a garnish and others are sliced and eaten with a tortilla.


Nope. Nada. There are no chimichangas in all of Mexico.

Delicious Mexican Food

We know authentic Mexican food, but we also know what people in the US want to eat. So, we serve it all. Stop by El Caminito Mexican Restaurant and get all those flavors and textures you crave. We’ll see you soon.