Mexican food is one of those ethnic foods that you just have to have sometimes. The cravings will be strong and you’ll drive far and wide to find a Mexican restaurant that serves up your favorites. But! Is it healthy, nutritious food and good for your diet?

Mexican Food

Most of the small Mexican food joints are serving up the most satisfying of the country’s entrées. What this comes down to, the foods that are your absolute favorites are likely to be entrées that are not so authentic to Mexico. They are dishes that have been enhanced with a lot of fat and salt for the American taste.

A good example of this is the enchilada. This cheesy entrée was originally just a warm tortilla that had been dipped in chili sauce. It was sold by street vendors. Today, you can get them stuffed with cheese, chicken or shredded beef in restaurants. If you’re going to go with an enchilada for dinner, go with the chicken or beef version and ask for no cheese. But it is still a high calorie meal.

Burritos are a better choice if you can have them make it with just beans or meat and beans. Definitely don’t order a deep fried one. Your best bet for nutrition is a bean burrito in a warm flour tortilla. Skip having it smothered in sauce and cheese. While the sauce isn’t fattening, it is extremely high in salt.

Carne Asada tacos or fajita dinners are a wonderful choice when you’re on a diet, especially if you eat flour tortillas instead of corn. It is grilled meat with fresh vegetables like tomatoes, green peppers, lime, cilantro and onions.

The one thing you should certainly skip when it comes to Mexican food is the chips. Just 20 chips are 300 calories. Ouch!