Mexican food is hot, spicy and puts a smile on your face. What the average person doesn’t know is how it is benefiting them. You can better your health or ruin it, depending on what you pick from the menu in the restaurant.

Mexican Food

Sometimes you will get a wicked craving for Mexican food and nothing else will do. At those times you’ll need to visit El Caminito for an authentic lunch or dinner that will satisfy that craving. But, what should and shouldn’t you order? There are definite health benefits to most authentic Mexican food, but you need to know which foods those are.

Which Entrees to Choose

Here are some of the healthiest choices on a Mexican restaurant’s menu:

  • Grilled fish
  • Tacos
  • Burritos
  • Ceviche
  • Salads with grilled meat or seafood
  • Carne asada with rice and beans

When it comes to seafood, it is best to avoid anything that is breaded, deep fried or sautéed. There is a lot less additional fat in Mexican seafood dishes when it is grilled or broiled. Tacos need to be on a heated tortilla. Avoid deep fried tortillas, like you see in Mexican fast food restaurants. When you choose a salad, go easy on the dressing. The dressing adds loads of fat to your health greens.

Mexican food’s biggest health benefit is the rice and beans. Most authentic meals include rice and beans on the side and with good reason. When combined, these two items form a protein. So, the case could be made that you could skip the meat and get a lot of energy from a plate of rice and beans. No matter what you order, be sure to get the platter than includes them.

An Easy Lunch or Dinner

El Caminito can get you that Mexican food fix that you crave. Use our handy link to order delivery or pickup for your lunch or dinner. We enjoy putting a smile in your tummy.