When there is a big game and you have all the best squares in the pool, Mexican food catering is just the ticket for a great time. You and your buddies won’t have to lift a finger to prepare lunch, dinner and snacks. It can all be brought to your door.

Mexican Food Catering

Mexican food catering is very inexpensive. It is way to kick back and have all the food already hot and ready to eat. You can get enchiladas, loads of tacos and burritos, nachos and your favorite style of guacamole. Anything that is easy to pack and carry is available from the menu for your game day party.

You will have two options for catering. If you’re having a lot of sports fans coming over you might want to select the option for delivery and set up. You’ll be able to have an easier time with the buffet style with this option. El Caminito will bring all the food, chaffing dishes to keep the food hot, plenty of paper plates and plastic utensils. Everything will be set up for you and ready to eat whenever halftime happens in the game.

If you are having a smaller gathering on game day then you could order the day before and pick it up on game day. Your food will be packed well to carry to your home. You will put it out to serve and reheat in the oven or microwave if necessary. You’ll be able to get all the same food, but you’ll be in charge of putting out the spread and keeping things hot.

El Caminito is known for its Mexican food catering. Many of the Silicon Valley tech companies use El Caminito to cater their business meetings and think sessions. Give us a call to plan for your party.