Mexican dishes are best when they are authentic and freshly made. Opening a can of this and a package of that is not how a good cook becomes the memorable dinner party host. There are things you can do to make everyone want a third portion of your homemade Mexican dinner.

Mexican Dishes

If you’re cooking for your family or for a dinner party, make sure everything is freshly made. Try not to purchase much of anything from the canned food section of the Mexican grocery store. Fresh, fresh, fresh is where it is at.

Some of the most popular entrees are known standards, like tacos, burritos, taquitos and other street vendor foods. They are meant to be eaten in a hurry for lunch, but here in the US, we’ll eat them for dinner, too. The key to the best street vendor food is fresh tomatoes, fresh cilantro, onions and garlic. Make a couple of salsas with all freshly picked ingredients. Tortillas should also be made fresh the same day as served.

When it gets down to dinner menus, there are popular Mexican dishes that will make for a memorable dinner. Beef steak is one of those entrées. Be sure to pound the steak to tenderness and have plenty of freshly cut limes on the table for seasoning. Another popular entrée is arroz con pollo. There are many ways to cook this popular dish but remember, fresh is best and don’t ever use instant rice. Just like the chicken, your rice should be real and natural.


There are a lot of options for desserts, but they usually includes cakes, cookies and flan. While Mexican dishes will dirty up every pot and pan in your kitchen to make them, desserts are kept fairly simple for the most part. Stop by tonight for dinner at El Caminito to have an authentic Mexican dinner to get some ideas for your own dinners at home.