Mexican dinner ideas can include seafood salads to beef steak and a whole bunch of things in between. Here are some suggestions to help you plan your dinner tonight at your home.

Mexican Dinner Ideas

One of the best Mexican dinner ideas is to avoid the usual tacos and burritos and do something a little bit different. You’ll still get all the flavor and spice, but not the tired, same old meal as always.

Rice and Beans

Rice and beans are a Mexican staple. Most Mexican dinners are going to have refried beans and a flavored rice on the side. You might change it up a bit and serve black beans instead of pinto beans and make saffron rice instead of the usual tomato based rice. Those are Mexican favorites, as well.

Mexican Entrees

Mexican entrees for dinner are not always tacos and burritos. One favorite that is frequently overlooked in the US is the beef steak. Get a cheap, thin steak and pound it with a meat tenderizer hammer until it is tender. Fry it in olive oil and serve it with a squeeze of lime. It is something so simple, but it is so tasty!

Special entrees like enchiladas or chili rellenos are a complex cooking adventure that is sure to dirty up every pot and pan in your kitchen, so they are really best left to dining out at El Caminito Restaurant. But, a great big seafood salad is delicious and very good for you! Load up a large taco bowl with dark green lettuce, shrimp, ceviche, olives and carrots topped with a chunky salsa and you have dinner. Serve it with freshly steamed corn tortillas.

El Caminito

If you decide that cooking is too much hassle for tonight, pack up the family and come into El Caminito. We’ll do the cooking for you and the clean up! And really, isn’t that the best Mexican dinner idea?