Mexican desserts are varied, but the flan – that is the Mexican staple. Almost all Mexican restaurants will have this tasty custardy dish on the menu. Forget about Peach Melba and churros. Bring on the rich, creamy, caramel topped Flan!

Mexican Desserts

Mexican desserts usually focus in on sugary, sweet breads like churros, donuts and cookies dusted with powdered sugar. Cakes are always popular, too, but flan is a standard. The Mexican bakery, or pastelería, is where the family will go to pick up cakes, cookies and other special treats. Your average family doesn’t use an oven or make their own baked goods. They leave that to the professionals. Flan is a baked custard and a special treat for diners in Mexican restaurants.

If you have never tasted flan, it is a rich, thick custard made with eggs, sugar, milk, whipping cream, a little vanilla and sugar that is caramelized for the top. It is light, but contains just the perfect amount of sweetness to end the meal. Once you try it, you’ll understand why most Mexican restaurants have this particular dessert on the menu.

Making Your Own Flan

Making flan at home is fairly easy, but it helps to have some prior experience in making custard. This isn’t a process where you can skip the time consuming details. Homemade custards can just as easily be a scorched disaster as they could be a heavenly delight when it hits the tongue. Patience and following the directions exactly are the key.

Where to Find Mexican Desserts

Flan, the most popular of the Mexican Desserts can be found at El Caminito Restaurant. Stop by to sample all of our customer’s favorite lunch, dinner and even breakfast items. Then follow it up with a dish of rich, creamy flan!