You don’t have to offer less or flavorless food when you contract inexpensive catering. If you are on a tight budget for your wedding, party or corporate event, Mexican food catering is the perfect choice for delicious food everyone loves.

Inexpensive Catering

Delicious food can be found with inexpensive catering – order Mexican food! El Caminito will cater your wedding, event or private party with spicy food that people love. From appetizers to dessert, El Caminito Mexican Restaurant will cater your event and make your guests very happy.

Catered Mexican Food Ideas

There are many kinds of events to cater and not everyone needs the same type of a meal. A small party might find a perfect menu made up of tacos, mini burritos and tamales while something a little more formal like a wedding will require more of a meal. At El Caminito Mexican Restaurant we will put together the menu that works for your wedding or event and will make your guests happy with your food choices.

When people see that Mexican food is being served, they will likely want all their favorites to be included. So, while the main course is a dinner like a vegetarian dish of sautéed squash with chayote and carrots, Chile Verde and salads, guests will still want a mini burrito, chips and salsa along with refried beans and Spanish rice. With El Caminito Mexican Restaurant as the caterer you can mix and match entrees and appetizers to design your perfect event menu.

El Caminito Mexican Restaurant

Aside from delicious, authentic Mexican food at your event, you’ll also be able to stay under budget as a Mexican menu is inexpensive catering. This frees your cash to splurge a little more on entertainment, a photo booth or upgrade your keynote speaker. Give Julian a call today to discuss your event and catering needs.