A taqueria is a specialty shop that’s menu focuses mostly on different types of tacos. At El Caminito Mexican Restaurant, we have several different types of tacos, but we’re a full restaurant, not just tacos.

El Caminito and Taquerias

If you’re in the mood for tacos, we have everything you need here at El Caminito Mexican Restaurant and we can be your mini taqueria.

Our tacos suaves menu features:

  • Carne asada (grilled beef chunks) tacos
  • Pollo asado (grilled, spiced chicken) tacos
  • Carnitas (pork chunks) tacos
  • Pescado (deep fried fish) tacos

A Mexican Restaurant tends to be more convenient than a taqueria, because of the menu variety. You might be in the mood for tacos, but your friends you’re dining with might want something different. So, the restaurant works out better when you’re sharing a meal with friends.

El Caminito Mexican Restaurant Menu

Our menu at El Caminito Mexican Restaurant provides everything you would expect in a Mexican restaurant. We have tacos, burritos, enchiladas, beef steak, carnitas and a host of other typical entrées you find in a Mexican restaurant in the US.

Our foods are cooked fresh to order. We serve meals in our dining room, but we can also prepare your tacos and meals to go. If you’d like to pick up your lunch, dinner or snacks, give us a call and place your order. We will have it ready for you to pick up. If you don’t want to fight the Sunnyvale downtown traffic, order on the UberEats app instead. Uber will pick it up and drive it out to your home or office.

Catering Options

We do cater parties and Silicon Valley company meetings, as well. Give us a call and place your order. We’ll have it ready for pick up. If it’s a larger event, we offer a catering service. We’ll come by and set up your buffet table then return later to pick up our equipment.