El Caminito is the Mexican restaurant in the heart of the downtown area of Sunnyvale, CA. Point your Uber or Lift driver to the downtown area and relax with a little tequila tasting, a spicy dinner and stroll through downtown to check out all the activities. We can bring our delicious meals to you, too!

El Caminito

We have indoor dining inside our restaurant downtown, but we do catering, also. So, when you have a busy day planned for a company think tank session or a business meeting, just give us a call. We’ll have your company’s lunch or dinner set up buffet style in time for the meeting. Everyone loves Mexican food.

Parties In-House or Your House

When you’re having a get together at home, we’ll cook up all the Mexican food your guests are going to want to see. We have chips and salsa, tacos, burritos, enchiladas and a host of other popular lunch, dinner and snack items that do well buffet style. We can have your order ready for pickup or delivery, it’s your choice. But sorry, the law requires that we deliver only soft drinks. You’ll need to make the run to the liquor store for that tequila they’re looking forward to drinking.

A smart host plans to have the party in El Caminito Mexican Restaurant. We will serve, clean up and do the dishes! You can participate in the party instead of trying to oversee the meal. Just have fun with your guests, we’ve got this. Give us a call ahead of time, so we can be prepared and give you excellent service.

Have a Spicy Mexican Meal Today

El Caminito is a Mexican Restaurant located in Downtown Sunnyvale. We’re open daily for lunch and dinner. When you need your Silicon Valley company meeting  or party catered, just give Julian a call to plan a menu for your event. We hope to see you soon.