Burritos are a Mexican specialty. In authentic Mexican cooking you usually do not have a burrito on the plate, but you’ll have everything to make one. Your dinner will include rice and beans on the plate and flour tortillas on the side. And of course, there is always salsa on the table for seasoning. But how good for you are burritos?


Burritos cover a lot of culinary ground. There is the average, plain bean burrito that usually includes a little salsa inside along with beans and cheese. But these days, all types of American restaurants and fast food locations are getting into that burrito craze.

The modern burrito is now called the “wrap.” A flour tortilla is loaded up with anything from salad, rice and bean combinations, breakfast and meat with potatoes. The choices are no longer bean burrito or meat burrito. The choices are any and everything in your flour tortilla. Even the tortilla has changed. It has grown from just a corn or flour choice. Now you can get them with made with tomatoes, spinach, whole wheat or multigrain!


The healthiness of the burrito is really going to depend on what is in it. The tortilla is almost always a low fat, low calorie healthy choice. That is why the wrap craze came into being. Pinto beans are also a very healthy fiber and low fat food. However, once you start piling on cheeses, meats, sausages and salad dressings, all that healthiness goes out the window. Salt and fat makes things taste really, really good! So, the wrap started out with the best intentions, but now it is one more unhealthy fast food choice in many situations.

The Best Burrito

Of course, the best burritos are going to be the traditional bean burritos in a Mexican restaurant that you can build yourself with the items that are included with your dinner. They are low fat and great for you!