Authentic Mexican Restaurant

How to Make a Chili Relleno

One of the messiest things to cook is the Mexican dish chili rellenos. You just might dirty up every pot, pan and bowl in the kitchen, but it is so worth it. Here is how to make a chili relleno. Chili Relleno Recipe What you’ll need: 6 Fresh Poblano Chilis, charred...

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Mexican Restaurant Nearby – See Menu

El Caminito Mexican Restaurant is the Mexican restaurant nearby. We offer dinning in, take out and catering. We have full menus for breakfast and dinner. Delivery is available. See our menus below. Mexican Restaurant Nearby Menu Link We are convenient and your best...

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Mexican Food and Margaritas Downtown Sunnyvale

You’ll find plenty of tasty Mexican Food favorites along with some fine margaritas at the margarita bar inside El Caminito Mexican Restaurant. This restaurant is in downtown Sunnyvale, CA. See the menu link below. Mexican Food El Caminito specializes in authentic...

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Authentic Mexican Desserts That are So Yummy

Mexican desserts are usually made by the local bakery in the village. The average home in Mexico doesn’t have an oven. Or if it does then it is used a cupboard, not for baking. Desserts are typically baked, so they are purchased at the local pasteleria. Here are some...

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Mexican Restaurants That Cater Weddings

When you’re having your reception in Silicon Valley, costs can add up fast! However, there are restaurants that cater weddings very inexpensively and still serve up everyone’s favorite foods. Restaurants That Cater Weddings When the taste and popularity of the entrées...

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