Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Why Gringos Love Jarritos and Mexican Coke So Much

Mexicans love their Jarritos sodas and Coke made in Mexico, so much so that they’ll drink water instead of an American soda choice. It isn’t all Mexican pride in goods from the homeland, as any gringo will attest who has tried those sodas. So, what’s the big deal with...

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Takeaway Near Me for Spicy Mexican Food

There is a takeaway near you in Sunnyvale for that Mexican food you crave! Give us a call and place your order. We’ll have it ready for you when you arrive. Takeaway Near Me El Caminito Mexican Restaurant is the takeaway near you that’s ready to make your order right...

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Here Are the Best Mexican Food Recipes

Not all recipes are alike and most of them are just so-so. If you’re looking for the best Mexican food recipes, here is the place that most people don’t think to look. It is finding just the right blog where the person posts delicious recipes from their family’s...

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Guacamole is Nature’s Aztec Aphrodisiac

The Aztecs were the first to explore the rich, green mush called guacamole in the 16th century, calling it ahuacamolli. So, possibly you can embrace this civilization as having arrived with the avocado love hundreds of years before our current millennials. Guacamole...

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