Mexican food recipes appear all over the Internet, but do yourself a favor and be picky about where you learn to cook this type of food. When you learn from authentic recipes you’ll have meals your family and friends will rave about.

Mexican Food Recipes

In the beginning it is difficult to recognize authentic Mexican food recipes from those that are just made up. For instance, unless you’re an experienced cook you wouldn’t know that there is no baking powder in flour tortillas. Sure, they bubble up when you cook them, but it is due to wheat gluten and a hot comal. There isn’t any leavening in them. So, here are some good places to look for learning how to make real Mexican food. Watch out Taco Bell!

All Recipes

All Recipes is a big website. What is very nice about this website is that the recipes are contributed by real cooks. Often they will post their own family’s recipes. When people try out the recipe they’ll rate how good the recipe is.

YouTube is a wonderful resource for everything, even how to make authentic Mexican food! With this link, it will pull up many videos of people explaining how to make specific Mexican food recipes. Enjoy!

Mexico in My Kitchen

Mexico in My Kitchen is a blog written by a Mexican woman that is a teacher in the US. She writes many wonderful recipes that are easy to follow. You can see her blog here.

Let Us Do the Cooking

You don’t always have to search for Mexican food recipes. Just come on in and we’ll do the cooking for you. We have a large selection of all the authentic Mexican favorites, plus a Margarita Bar! Stop by today to relax and let us take care of the meal.