Authentic Mexican food is the only food that will truly satisfy your spicy food cravings. Sure, you can stay home and open a can of this or a packet of that, but it is just not the same as delicious homemade ingredients and generations of family recipes.

Authentic Mexican Food

Much of the Mexican food you see sold in the grocery store has little to do with any true Mexican recipes. For instance, you’ll likely have a difficult time finding a taco made with ground beef sprinkled with McCormick taco seasoning in Mexico. Authentic Mexican food usually uses strips or chunks of meat and is seasoned to perfection with the vendor’s own spice blend with some vegetables.

When you have a craving for spicy Mexican food, stop by El Caminito for lunch, dinner or a late snack. We’re here to serve you the best in a variety of dinner entrees and quick meals for lunch. We serve fish, eggs, beef and pork entrees made with care from the freshest ingredients. A good variety of beverages, both alcoholic and sodas are available.


El Caminto will cater your events and even your weddings! Many of our customers here in the Silicon Valley depend on us to deliver authentic Mexican food to their business meetings. Other customers have us cater their weddings! But most call us when friends are coming over to watch a game or when they are having a party. Mexican food is loved by all and is usually a choice everyone is happy with. Most of our cold and hot entrees can be used as a meal for your gathering. We offer both delivery and packed for pick-up.

Give us a call whenever you have a craving for authentic Mexican food. We’re here to satisfy that craving.