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Guacamole Recipe that is an Old Spicy Favorite

Here is a guacamole recipe that is so easy to make that you’ll wonder why you never made it from scratch before! Every person who loves Mexican food will rave about your guac! Guacamole Recipe The key to a great guacamole is to use all real and fresh ingredients. And,...

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The Best Mexican Food in the Silicon Valley

To a certain point, the best Mexican food is always going to be your own personal preference, especially when it comes to eating in restaurants. And really, unless you grew up in Mexico, your own cooking of these spicy dishes won’t be as good as a restaurant run by an...

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10 Different Burritos for a Spectacular Variety

When you simply have to have burritos right now in Sunnyvale, where are you going to go for something a little different? Sure, you could have those same old plain bean burritos at Taco Bell, but why? It is just a burrito, but come on! A burrito can be awesome and El...

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