Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Wedding Catering Mexican Food for a Great Time

Wedding catering is something that El Caminito does for its customers. This is a reception meal option that flies under the radar, as many don’t ever think of Mexican food for their wedding. But, they should! Everyone loves tacos, burritos and enchiladas! Wedding...

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Mexican Desserts You Will Think About Often

Mexican desserts tend to center around cakes and cookies for the most part. Mexican culture likes to keep things rather simple. Desserts are sweet and usually that is enough effort. But, they are delightfully simple, so much so you’ll find yourself craving these...

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Burritos Hot and Spicy for Any Meal or Parties

Burritos get a bit of a bad rap. When most people think of them they think of a big scoop of beans wrapped in a flour tortilla. But, they don’t have to be so simple. You can be known as the Mad Burrito Chef making incredibly tasty meals in a wrap. Burritos Can Have...

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Is Mexican Food Good for Your Diet?

Mexican food is one of those ethnic foods that you just have to have sometimes. The cravings will be strong and you’ll drive far and wide to find a Mexican restaurant that serves up your favorites. But! Is it healthy, nutritious food and good for your diet? Mexican...

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